Let’s find out about sports volleyball

Let’s find out about sports volleyball

Let’s find out about sports volleyball

Sports volleyball is a game in which two teams exchange balls between the net and compete for points.

Next, I will give you the basic information about sports volleyball:

How to play: Sports volleyball is usually played by two teams of six players. Each team attacks and defends by passing the ball from one side to the other with the net in between. 먹튀검증업체

The ball is allowed to be kicked or hit by hand, and each team must hand the ball over to the other team with a maximum of three contacts.

Court composition: Volleyball courts are rectangular, divided horizontally. In international competitions, the court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide, and the height of the net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.

Set and score: Sports volleyball matches are divided into sets. Each set will be won by the team that scores 25 points first, except by at least 2 points when it reaches 24-24. In general, the team that wins two of the three sets first wins the game.

Position and Role: In sports volleyball, each player plays a specific role. Representative positions include center, right, left, setter, and libero, and each position has different roles

and responsibilities. For example, the center is specialized in blocking or attacking, and the setter is responsible for coordinating the ball and delivering it to the team members.

Skills and Strategies: There are various skills and strategies in sports volleyball. You need to learn skills such as serve, pass, set, and spike, and you need to communicate and coordinate smoothly with your team members.

Serve: sends the ball to the opposing team as a serve when the game starts or scores.

It is common for a serve to raise the ball in the air and kick it with a finger, and a strong serve can shake the opponent’s defense.

Pass: Passing the ball accurately to the opponent’s court to defend a serve or attack sent by the opposing team is called a pass.

Pass requires smooth communication and cooperation between players, and accurate and stable passes are important.

Set: After passing the ball, the setter is responsible for delivering the ball to the team member at an accurate

and appropriate height. This allows team members to move to a good position to attack the ball and attempt to spike.

Spike: Spike is an attacking play in which a player jumps high and hits the ball hard. Spike has a big impact on the team’s offense and scoring, and the goal is to ride the ball well and penetrate the opponent’s defense.

Blocking: Blocking is a defensive technique that prevents an opponent’s spike, performed near the net.

The blocker blocks the ball by blocking the opponent’s path that kicks the spike over the net. It plays an important role in enhancing the team’s defense.

Libero: Libero is a defensive professional player, used primarily in some sets during the entire volleyball game. Libero is specialized in sub-receiving and defense, free to replace, and provides communication and stability to all players.